Bund Straps

Originally crafted for pilots, the bund strap features an extra piece of leather within that protects the wearer's wrist from extreme temperatures that could make the metal of the watch too hot or cold against the skin

We require additional measurements for the bund pad to be made:

The length of our standard bund pads are 110cm.


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Natural Shell Cordovan Bund StrapNatural Shell Cordovan Bund Strap
Natural Shell Cordovan Bund Strap Sale price$310.00 AUD
Grigrio Waxy Cowhide Bund StrapGrigrio Waxy Cowhide Bund Strap
Grigrio Waxy Cowhide Bund Strap Sale price$240.00 AUD
Olive Buttero Bund StrapOlive Buttero Bund Strap
Olive Buttero Bund Strap Sale price$240.00 AUD