Made-to-Order Add-Ons

A list of add-ons for our made-to-order products. Please note that some of the add-ons cannot be done in conjunction with other add-ons. 


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Quick-Release Spring Bar - Add On Per Strap - Artisan Straps
Curved Ends - Artisan StrapsCurved Ends - Artisan Straps
+ Curved Ends Sale price$12.00 USD
Convert to CF Style - Artisan Straps
+ Convert to Flap Style Sale price$41.00 USD
+ Custom Keeper Colour+ Custom Keeper Colour
+ Custom Keeper Colour Sale price$0.00 USD
+ Coloured Back-stitch - Artisan Straps+ Coloured Back-stitch - Artisan Straps
+ Coloured Back-stitch Sale price$4.00 USD
+ Alligator Flank Lining (FOR Alligator/Crocodile Straps ONLY)+ Alligator Flank Lining (FOR Alligator/Crocodile Straps ONLY)