Spring Bars:

All about spring bars and attaching our straps to your watch.

Spring Bars Explained

For over 95% of watches, leather straps are connected to watches using a 'spring bar'.

As the name suggests, spring bars consist of a hollow metal tube with a spring-loaded mechanism inside and a pin on each end. When compressed, the pins retract, allowing the spring bar to be inserted into the lugs of the watch case. Upon release, the spring force extends the pins into the lug holes, securely holding the strap or bracelet in place. This mechanism provides a secure yet easily removable connection

If you're watch does not utilise spring bars, it is highly likely that your strap is screwed onto the watch. This screw comes with the watch can be unscrewed to replace the strap. You will need to reuse your original screw to secure our watch straps.

Quick-Release Spring Bars (QRSB)

Quick-Release Spring bars have grown in popularity in recent years as they allow you to remove the strap without using any tools. They prevent you from accidentally scratching your precious watch.

QRSBs have a knob located on the back of the strap which can be pulled to compress the spring bar.

Our standard quick-release spring bars are 1.8mm in diameter. All our Ready-to-Wear (RTW) straps come with quick-release spring bars installed.