Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Which size should I pick for my watch?

The Lug width refers to the distance where the strap connects with the watch and the buckle width refers to the width of the strap required to fit in between the buckle.

Our strap sizes are displayed in the following format format: Lug Width/Buckle Width

For example, if the lug width of my watch is 19mm, and the buckle width is 16mm, the correct size I would need to select is 19mm/16mm 

How long should my strap be?

While everyone’s preference for their strap lengths may differ, we don’t like our straps to be too long. A good indicator of whether a strap is too long is if the tail of the strap is visible on your wrist.  

Method 1: Measuring Your Wrist Size


To measure your wrist size, use a thin piece of paper, measuring tape, masking tape or string. Wrap a piece of paper around your wrist and mark where it meets the other end of the paper. Lay this piece of paper down flat and measure the total length of paper. This is your wrist size. 

Method 2: Measuring an existing strap that fits 

One quick way of finding your strap length is to measure the length of a strap you currently have. Sum up the two lengths of the long and short sides of the strap (i.e 120mm and 80mm = 200mm)  If you feel the existing strap is too long or too short, adjust the length accordingly.

Our standard sizes 

Extra Small: 95mm/65mm fits a wrist size of 5.25 - 6.0 inches 
Small: 105mm/70mm fits a wrist size of 6 - 6.75 inches 
Standard: 115mm/75mm fits a wrist size of 6.5 inches to 7.2 inches
Large: 125mm/80mm fits a wrist size of 7.2 inches to 8.25 inches
Custom: We can accomodate custom lengths for made-to-order straps