Strap Thickness

Strap Thickness

Our regular unpadded straps come in at around 2.6mm at the lugs tapering to approximately 2.2mm.
Our padded straps come in at a thickness of 4.5mm at the centre and tapering to a thickness of approximately 2.2mm. The padding of our straps is made using vegetable-tanned leather and is hand-skived to create the rounded look
strap hand skiving padding
Despite being relatively thin, our straps are reinforced and therefore will not feel flimsy. These thicknesses generally work well for the majority of watches.

However, for some brands, a thicker strap may be required to allow the strap to match the case. This may be the case with certain types of watches such as divers, or a thick chronograph. We are able to increase the thickness of the straps we make in increments of 0.5mm. 

To customise this, please send us an email, or message us on Instagram/Messenger and we will be happy to discuss.

Grand Seiko Autumn

Shown here, the case of the SBGH271 is 14mm thick. A strap of 3mm thickness has been made to taper well with the case.

Grand Seiko Watch

If you would like to keep your strap fairly thin, but your watch requires a thicker strap to prevent lug overhang, we have a special method called "top-loading" where we can add thickness to the strap above the spring bar hole. This method solves the issue of lug overhang. Lug overhang occurs when the strap is too thin, and the lugs stick out.

strap top-loading thickness increase