Taupe Epsom Leather Strap

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Size: 24mm/20mm


Length (Long/Short): Standard (115mm/75mm)

Length (Long/Short)

Our Epsom French Calf is an embossed grain, chrome-tanned leather from the Tannery Haas and Tannery Du Puy, near the river Rhine and in the alpine regions of France.

Tannery: Haas and Tannery Du Puy, France
Temper: Medium Firm
Surface: Embossed grain
Patina: None
Water Resistance: High. To ensure longevity, avoid moisture or soaking our straps in water.

As our straps are handcrafted with natural leather, each strap will be unique and may have slight variations to the product photo.

Epsom calf leather is a classic, with excellent resistance against scratches and water. It is used for many leather products by high end brands such as Hermes and it is incredibly water and scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Epsom's grained is more pronounced due to it being embossed, making it great for dressing down your watch for a casual appearance.

All of our watch straps are entirely handmade one by one, utilising traditional leather crafting techniques. They are cut, saddle stitched and edge painted by hand to ensure that your strap lasts you a lifetime. All of our straps are lined with Zermatt leather, a hypoallergenic and water-resistant french calf leather.

For an approximate wrist size guide:
1. Extra small 95mm/65mm will fit a 5.0-5.5 inch wrist
2. Small sized 105mm/70mm will fit a 6.0-6.5 inch wrist
3. Standard size 115mm/75mm will fit a 6.5-7.5 inch wrist
4. Large size 125mm/80mm will fit a 7.5-8.0 inch wrist

Customer Reviews

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Mr. B (Gentofte Municipality, DK)

You must try it. I get straps from US, Europe and Asia and they come from average to good. This is my first strap from Artisan, and I’m just so impressed with the quality. Wow. Leather quality, stitching and workmanship is just so impressive. Will definitely order there again!

Louie (Alvin, US)
great Custom strap

beautiful color and perfectly built!!!!! this is number 5 for me!!!

Annie Georgiou (Camarillo, US)

I have been complimented on this band frequently. It is identical to the Hermes one and I'm thrilled with how it looks. Jason is super responsive and answered a whole bunch of questions I had before I purchased. Quality craftsmanship and excellent leather. I will be buying another band.

Nick Paucek
Got this as a gift for my dad. Despite a b...

Got this as a gift for my dad. Despite a brief delay, Jayson expedited the delivery, and it arrived Christmas morning just in time to give it to my dad.

Straps were well-wrapped and the quality of the leather and workmanship is immediately apparent when unwrapping them. The leather is soft, pliable, and seems like it will last decades if taken care of. My dad seemed to like it, but if he doesn't ever get around to using it, I might swipe it from his box and use it myself it's so nice! Would definitely recommend Artisan Straps to others if you don't mind the wait (about 2-3 weeks to the US).

Saihajvir Considine
Seller's customer service is excellent, as...

Seller's customer service is excellent, as well as the quality of the strap. Shipping took a bit longer than expected, but I don't think it's any fault of the seller.